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'My Mummy is a Footballer'

We were pleased to arrange for Co-founder of Butterfly Books, Kerrine Bryan, and Watford captain, Helen Ward, to join Helen Hardy on the Women's Soccer Show podcast, to discuss the newly launched 'My Mummy is a Footballer' book.

Butterfly Books was set up by Kerrine and her brother Jason Bryan in 2015. As a STEM ambassador, she volunteered doing talks about her job across the country to children as young as age 4 in schools, as well as students at university. It was here that she discovered how a lot of misconceptions about the profession of engineering had already permeated in children aged as young as 6 or 7, and are set by age 12 – misconceptions of which she believed to be partly responsible for the lack of gender diversity in typically male-dominated professions.

Bryan commented: “We want children to understand that the world is their oyster, if they apply themselves and work hard enough. Children’s ambitions should not be limited by gender. We’re excited and proud to be working on our first sport related book. As part of the process, we have spoken with and been inspired by so many different people – men and women alike – who work in the football industry.”

Pictured: Co-Authors and Butterfly Books Founders, Jason Bryan and Kerrine Bryan

Kerrine was prompted by management at Lewes Football Club, the first Football Club in the world to pay their men and women equally, to consider publishing My Mummy is a Footballer as the next title in the series.

The book is now available to pre-order as part of the Crowdfunder campaign rewards.

You can visit their Crowdfunder page for more information.

Listen to Kerrine Bryan and Helen Ward on The Women's Soccer Show Podcast HERE.


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