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Ella meets Street Child United Young Leaders

Lyon, July 2019

Earlier this year, Ella was confirmed as the Executive Producer on 'Street Kids United 3', a documentary that follows the journey of Team India girls at the Street Child World Cup in Moscow 2018.

After watching the documentary for the first time, Ella was inspired to help the team and began to collect the unwanted and unused football boots of her Wolfsburg teammates.

In July 2019, Ella was finally able to meet some of the girls she felt she already knew so well, as she joined Street Child United Young Leaders Shalini and Indhu in Lyon during the Women's World Cup.

Ella spent time with the girls, watching them play football and teaching them a few new tricks! Before they left, she presented them with over 50 pairs of boots to take back to their friends and teammates in the Karunalaya Centre, Chennai.

Doyenne Sport would like to thank Ella's former teammates at Wolfsburg for their incredible generosity and support.


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Hope chennai
Hope chennai
Aug 17, 2022

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Hope chennai
Hope chennai
Aug 17, 2022

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